2. virtual conference...


My 1st paper, together with my friend Nicolas Mathieu... 30 years ago

Winter 2021


my pic 2020

🇨🇭 Davos lake (Aug 2020)


Diego Maradona _ Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Napoli _ #RIPdiego

SSPA 2020 virtual

Nov 13... studio somewhere in Zürich (THX Cony !)

Swiss National Parc

Somewhere between Zernez and Munt la Schera...

Kevin Grand Rounds

Aug 1_🇨🇭 National Day: webinar with my 🇺🇸 friends Holly and Kevin

Physioactive Swiss 3/20

Happy to contribute to this "knee issue" with my friend Nicolas Mathieu

Last Dance – memories

Chicago - June 16, 1998 (Grand Park, Championship rally)