Two great captains and friends: Martin (just won one more title with SCB) and Paolo (just saved HCAP one more time from relegation) ... Swiss ice hockey legends

Blenio II

Prugiasco _ Negrentino _ ☀️


_ Special Sbornaja (Сборная) jersey _ IIHF Worlds 2008 _ from my friend Andrei B _!_ 


unforgettable coach Wladimir Jursinow (Kloten Flyers, 1998-2004), staff UdSSR & Russia, IIHF hall of fame 2002...

BJSM Swiss issue

IOC World Conference 2017

my 5th "injury prevention in sports" conference (Oslo 2005, Tromso 2008, Monaco 2011 & 2014)

Blenio I

Valle di Blenio, Ticino, Switzerland _ ☀️

11th Thieme „physiokongress“

Stuttgart, Germany _ Sports PT session on Return ... to sport, to play, to perform, to compete, to ... (with Eduard Kurz and Bernd Steinhoff, OS Institute, Münich) - special pic by Georg Supp -

SFV 30th Medical Day

Muri, Bern _ Medical Day of the Swiss Football Association, many friends...

2017 – go

starting into 2017 with some major changes... (pic by LB)