Dr. Mu.

Dr. Urs Munzinger _ a giant of Swiss Orthopaedics _ colleague and friend for…

KWS research day

"Tag der Forschung", Schulthess Klinik... time for a team photo _ by Anne…

Isokinetic conference 2022

Lyon, France _ Convention center Cité Internationale _ #isoK22

BJSM SSPA issue 2022

BJSM SSPA issue May 2022

IOC Conference 2021

Principauté de Monaco _ 6th edition _ 6th time attending/presenting 


100% "Women & Sports" - free on ISSUU


Pittsburgh, USA _ Dr. Freddie Fu, unique, unforgettable...

My preferred book 2021

PhD Thesis 2021 = great work by Romana!


2. virtual conference...

Kevin Grand Rounds

Aug 1_🇨🇭 National Day: webinar with my 🇺🇸 friends Holly and Kevin