Football Medicine book

Aspetar Sports Medicine Collection Volume 3 _ honored to be among the authors


Cima del Simano (2579 m), Acquarossa, Valle di Blenio, Ticino, Switzerland


Wankdorf stadium, Bern. Medical Symposium of the Swiss Football Association

My pic 2022

Tampa, Florida. Raymond James stadium, home of the NFL team Buccaneers (📷 Sept 25, 2022, mb)


PELÈ ⚽️ ETERNO ... (jersey 2013, Sao Paulo, gift by Mauricio Garcia, SONAFE)

Ciao Ueli

Dr. Ueli Brunner, longtime team doctor EHC Kloten, says "goodbye"...old guy reunion

What a final

Qatar, Lusail Stadium, World Cup final, Argentina vs France, Messi vs Mbappé... what a final! (jerseys collection-mb)

Herzforschung SPHC

Davos, Charity game HCD-ZSC = great initiative by colleague Romana Franceschini-Brunner!

Sportfisi@ 2022

Hard copy at the Bern conference and online on issuu (cover with Jolanda Neff -photo by Ross Bell-)

Course with Jeff

SSPA Sports emergency course with friend Jeff Konin (+ Simone Rivaroli and Nicolas Mathieu) at the Wankdorf stadium, Bern.

Celebrating 20 years of SSPA

Stellar speakers, ca. 500 participants, old friends -founding members, and more: what a day at the Bernexpo!

SSPA Bern 2022

Back in the Bernexpo for our SSPA 20 years!