11+ workshop FC Barcelona Organization

We were invited (6/5/11) by Dr. L.Til / Dr. Yanguas / A.Altarriba (heads of the medical team) of FC Barcelona to conduct a couple of 11+ workshops for coaches and physiotherapists of all FC Barcelona football teams (males /females). Location was at the training fields of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper (named after the Swiss founder and first president of FCB) in Barcelona.



11+ workshop, Buzios, Brazil

About 30 sports physiotherapists (from some of the famous brazilian clubs) participated in the first 11+ workshop in Brazil, organized by CBF under the lead of Joao Gomide. The course (29/4/11) took place in Buzios, a touristic village about 2 hours out of Rio de Janeiro.



11+ at University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A research project on 11+ is currently ongoing at the University of Calgary, under the lead of Dr.C.Emery and Dr.K.Steffen (OSTRC). The study will focus on different types of implementing the 11+ programme among women’s football teams around Calgary. We contributed in organizing 2 workshops for the coaches of the participating teams (25-27/4/11).


Tony Meola

11+ F-MARC team in Los Angeles, California, USA

Together with Cony von Grebel, we spent one week in LA, working with our friends Ms. Holly Silvers and Dr. Bert Mandelbaum of the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation. We’re cooperating for a planned 11+ RCT on male soccer NCAA players, and we collected promotional material for this project with the following stars:  Tony Meola (former US national goalkeeper), Ante Razov (former MLS and US international player), Brune Arena (former US coach, and currently coach of LA Galaxy), and Landon Donovan (nr.10 of US national team and currently LA Galaxy).


11+ promo

Filming 11+ promo clip with Pagliuca and Signori

With my friend Cony von Grebel, and thanks to the organization of Claudio Carlotti (Rehab & Fitness coach at ISOKINETIC) we were able to collect promotional material for the planned 11+ documentary. Former „azzurri“ international goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca and left winger Giuseppe Signori gave us interviews and showed again some of their great football skills on a training field at ISOKINETIC, Via Casteldebole, Bologna, Italy (11/4/11).

Two national players of the Italian women’s national team (Daniela Tavalazzi and Cristina Cassanelli) also participated to the filming with us in Bologna.


PLayoffs Swiss Ice Hockey

PLAYOFF FINALS 2011: Superb FLYERS, but HCD wins …

Swiss Ice Hockey Championship - April 12: we lost 2:3 in game 6 at home, and the series of the finals (2:4) against our classical rivals of Davos. The FLYERS played some great hockey in these playoffs, but at the end the HCD had something more to win...


P de Monaco

IOC Injury Prevention Conference 2011, Monaco

The third Word Injury Prevention in Sports was held for the first time outside Norway (Oslo 2005 and Tromso 2008 were the first two locations; organized by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Oslo). La Principauté de Monaco and the Grimaldi Forum hosted this event (7-9/4/11). Prof. Dvorak, Dr. A.Junge and Prof. C.Fuller (F-MARC) had the final keynote lecture on „F-MARC: 17 years of research and related activities (1994-2011)“.


Castagna 2011

Visit to Coverciano, Italian Serie A Referees Trainingcamp, Firenze, Italia

A two days meeting (1-2/4/11) with my friend Carlo Castagna in Coverciano, home of the Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio (FIGC), where he regularly oversees the training of the top Italian referees and assistant referees. We’re finalizing a specific injury prevention program adapted to the needs of the match officials.


Visit to RFEF, Ciutad del Futbol, Madrid, Spain

Business visit to Ciudad del Futbol, home of the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF), Madrid on 15/3/11, where I had a meeting with Mr. Gines Melendes Sotos, head of coaching education at RFEF. Together we’re  planning the  launch of the 11+ countrywide campaign in Spain during September-October 2011.


Isokinetic congress 2011

XX ISOKINETIC Congress, Bologna, Italy

„Health of the Football Player“ was the topic of the 20th edition (12-13/3/11) of this annual Italian Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference (with more than 1500 attendees), organized by S. Della Villa, (CEO) and Dr. G.Roi of ISOKINETIC Italia. The F-MARC team was actively present with several presentations, and the new 11+ poster specially prepared with the logo of the Italian Football Association (FIGC- Settore Tecnico) was distributed to all participants. The last day of the conference was specially dedicated to football coaches.


Prof Piero Mognoni

Convegno Nazionale Medicina dello Sport, Premio Piero Mognoni, Saronno, Italia

Together with my friends Nicola Maffiuletti and Franco Impellizzeri we were at the Istituto Padre Monti, in Saronno, in the north of Italy, at this prestigious one day congress (5/3/11), wich is organized yearly in honour & memory  of Prof. Piero Mognoni, a former renowned italian physiology scientist. Title of my presentation was: „La prevenzione infortuni nel calcio: utopia o realtà?“


11+ team Verona

Course @ Verona University

27-28 May 2011: Epidemiologia e programmi di prevenzione infortuni nel calcio

Master in Teoria e Tecniche della Preparazione Atletica nel Calcio

Università di Verona, Facoltà di Scienze Motorie, Verona, Italia