11+ course Tokyo

11+ @ JISS, Tokyo

17.12.2012. Japanese Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS), Tokyo, Japan. This is already our 3rd joint course with the Japanese Football Association (JFA) for promoting and implementing the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme. A special thank to. Prof. T.Fukubayashi, M.Tsumaki and the assistants and friends Michiko, Hitomi, Mariko, Keigo, Hiroshi and Naoki.

National Training Center Tokyo

JISS & National Training Center Tokyo

12/12/11 – Thanks to JFA, we can visit the impressive and modern facilities of the Japanese Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) and the AJINOMOTO Olympic National Training Center in Tokyo.

Simply an incredible structure, where athletes (not only Japaneses) of various sport find all what they need to be able to compete at the highest possible level


Tokyo poster

11+ workshop, JISS, Tokyo, Japan

Thank to the cooperation of JFA, Dr. Toru Fukubayashi and Dr. Michiko Dohi (JFA Medical) we had a successfull one day 11+ workshop (11/1/11 –> note the numbers!) at the impressive facilities of the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) in Tokyo. Mitsu Tsumaki, Keigo Nakajima and Toriu Taksumi –from the Tokyo College of Medical Sports ensured the organization and assistance during the workshop. There were in total 60 participants (fitness trainers, athletic trainers, physiotherapist, all working in football).