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11+ Manual

Do you would like to learn more about 11+, the injury prevention programme for amateur football/soccer, developed and studied by F-MARC? In this new 11+ MANUAL you’ll find: history, structure, key elements of the programme, why motivation and compliance are crucial in injury prevention, and tips how to teach the exercises.

F-MARC is promoting 11+ worldwide, within FIFA Member Associations (MAs) (as an example: Spain, Japan, Brazil, Italy, and other) and within FIFA Coaching Courses. The goal is to incorporate and implement 11+ in the coaching education at FIFA and MA’s level.

Authors of this booklet are: Mario Bizzini, PhD, PT (F-MARC research associate), Astrid Junge PhD (Head of Research F-MARC), and Prof. Jiri Dvorak (Chairman of F-MARC).
Graphic design and layout was realised by our collaborator and friend Cony von Grebel, of Von Grebel Motion, Zürich, Switzerland.

P de Monaco

IOC Injury Prevention Conference 2011, Monaco

The third Word Injury Prevention in Sports was held for the first time outside Norway (Oslo 2005 and Tromso 2008 were the first two locations; organized by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Oslo). La Principauté de Monaco and the Grimaldi Forum hosted this event (7-9/4/11). Prof. Dvorak, Dr. A.Junge and Prof. C.Fuller (F-MARC) had the final keynote lecture on „F-MARC: 17 years of research and related activities (1994-2011)“.