Friends in Bologna

Meeting friends at a ISOKINETIK event in Bologna: Stefano Della Villa, Nicola Rizzoli (remembering 2014 World Cup final-!), Carlo Castagna and Claudio Carlotti


11+ Greece @ Bologna

Bologna, Italy – 11+ course and event with many friends @ ISOKINETIC headquarters

BOLOGNA_Calcio femminile 2014

Calcio Femminile a Bologna

28.04.2014 _ Bologna, Italia.  First ever (!) Italian Conference on Women’s Football organized by our friends of ISOKINETIC Bologna _ @IsokineticMed

Nettuno Bologna


01.04.2013, Bologna, Italy. Today we visit Bologna, the largest city in the Emilia-Romagna (Northern Italy). Famous for its towers and “porticos”, for its historical centre and home of one the oldest football clubs in the country (Bologna FC, founded 1909).