Monthly Archives: April 2016

Barry Uni

Barry University

Training session on the pitches of the Barry University, Miami Shores.



Flying over Miami beach … going to a training camp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

museo_Mitsu Kopie


Visiting THE museum with my old friend Mitsu, from Tokyo College of Medical Sports !


THE Football Museum

Switzerland, Zürich, Seestrasse 27, Bahnhof Enge … FIFA World Football Museum ! (since 02/2016 open)

Doha stadio


Evening training session at the Qatar Sports Club stadium…


Kudos Kobe!

Last game of Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers, one of the NBA greatest! (picture taken on August 19th, 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games)

London 2016

RTP 2016 London

London _ 25th Edition of the ISOKINETIC Football Medicine Strategies Conference on “Return to Play” – #RTP2016 – !

Martin P_cup 2016


Congrats to SCB and captain -longtime friend- Martin Plüss (my MVP) for winning another Swiss pro ice hockey league title! What an incredible career for M(V)P, who has won titles in Sweden (Frölunda HC) and the legendary Silver Medal at the IIHF World Champs in 2013!