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Cagri Ilk at A Fulya

Cagri @ Acibadem

28/06/2013. Istanbul, Turkey. We’re invited by our friend Cagri Ilk at ACIBADEM Fulya, one of the best sports medicine clinics in Turkey and recently a F-MARC accredited center of excellence.

Piet Hamberg in action

Remember Hamberg

20.06.2013 Istanbul, Turkey. We meet top former players, coaches and friends Piet Hamberg (FC Servette 1978-80, Netherlands) and Jean-Marie Conz (Young Boys, Switzerland) and at a FIFA Youth Coaching Seminar at the Training center of Galatasaray Spor Kulübü. Promoting together 11+

Remo Hausherr

with Remo @ Galatasaray

16.06.2013 Istanbul, Turkey. With my good friend Remo on the training fields of Galatasaray, one of the famous big football clubs in Istanbul.

old stadium Besiktas


15.06.2013, Istanbul, Turkey. We’re in Istanbul for the U-20 World Cup … Amazing city, rich of history, crazy for football and much more…

football f-marc at Home of FIFA

Football for Health

05.06.2013 Zürich, Home of FIFA, sunny afternoon. Photo shooting with a special ball symbolizing “Football for Health”

First match in new Maracana

Estàdio do Maracanà

02.06.2013, Rio, Brazil. We’re lucky to be at the first match (friendly Brazil-England 2:2) in the newly rebuilded MARACANÄ stadium (ca 80.000 seats), once the largest football stadium in the world (200.000 spectators at the 1950 FIFA World Cup final, where Brazil lost 1:2 to Uruguay …).

Brasil players

Selecao training

01.06.2013 – Rio, Maracanà stadium. The players of Brasil -Selecao- had their first training in this (renewed) football temple…