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Pre-conf International Sports PT

First IFSPT conference

29.11.2012, Las Vegas, USA. IFSPT organizes a pre-conference in cooperation with SPTS and its renowned TCC congress: ca. 120 participants for the pr-conference, and later more than 400 for the TCC program, a record year for SPTS!

International speakers

IFSPT friends

29.11.2012, Las Vegas, USA. Here the line-up of the international speakers of the first IFSPT pre-conference at TCC: N.Phillips (Wales), M.Bizzini (Switzerland), M.Dalgleish (Australia) T.Schneiders (New Zealand) , M.Constantinou (Australia), B.Andersen (Denmark), T.Brown (USA), S.Mutch (Scotland), and H.Langberg (Denmark).

International Federation Sports Physical Therapy

IFSPT @ Bern SSPA 2012

16.11.2012. Bern, Switzerland. The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT) was represented by its President Dr. Nicki Phillips (Cardiff, Wales) at the SSPA conference. In a couple of weeks, IFSPT will held a pre-conference at the prestigious Team Concept Conference-Global Goals of the SPTS (Las Vegas, USA).

Dr.M.Evans on youtube

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

16.11.2012. Karim (“K2″), a strong advocate of physical activity for public health (not only talking… he exercises daily ca. 60 minutes!), shows at the Swiss Sports PT conference the clip “23 and 1/2 hours: what is the single best thing we can do for our health?” by Dr. Mike Evans. Have a look on youtube if you’ve never seen this great clip!

Khan at SSPA conference 2012

Karim @ Bern SSPA 2012

16.11.2012. Bern, Switzerland. Dr. Karim Khan (University of British Columbia, Vancouver), a very good friend, joined us for the 10th SSPA conference in Bern. He’s Editor of BJSM and of the renowned CSM book, now in its fourth edition!  –  Jill Cook, PhD, PT, researcher (co-author with Karim of many papers) form the Monash University (Australia), and Deputy editor of BJSM, was also invited speaker in Bern.

SSPA staff

10th SSPA conference

16.11.2012, Bern, Switzerland. 10th annual conference of our Swiss Sports PT Association at BernExpo. Many young PT students in our staff, and an impressive line up of renowned international speakers : K.Khan, J.Cook, N.Phillips, J.Irrgang, K.Wilk and P.Glasgow … and more than 350 participants!


Jay & Kevin

15.11.2012, Bern, Switzerland. My two US friends Jay Irrgang (Pittsburgh, PA) and Kevin Wilk (Birmingham, AL) are visiting Zürich and Bern before speaking at tomorrow’s Swiss Sports PT conference.

Futsal stadium

Futsal World Cup

05.11.2012. Bangkok, Thailand : home of the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012. Futsal is played on a smaller pitch (mainly indoors), and is played between two teams of five players each (one gooalkeeper). Brazil has won 4, Spain 2 World Cups so far.

Bangkok IV 2012

11+ Thailand

04.11.2012. Bangkok, Thailand. Official course and launch of the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme with the Thai Football Association, and the Bangkok Hospital, under the lead of our friend Dr.Paisal. The event was also broadcast via teleconference across the country.

Grand Palace Bangkok


03.11.2012. Bangkok, Thailand. More than 12 millions people, and thousands of temples … Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities… Thai kickboxing and football are the two major sports …