BernExpo, Bern ... what a day! => #sportfisio17 ; instagram


For the 1st time ever in Switzerland!

Nr.15 !

15th edition of the annual Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Conference: check the…

Sportfisi@ 1-17

=> the 3rd issue of SPORTFISI@, the free online magazine of the Swiss Sports…


From sports PTs for sports PTs...free! => have a read here! 


New online magazine of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association !

1st World Congress Sports PT

Bern, Switzerland - Return to Play congress... 800 participants, from 45…

RTP 2015 Bern

Return to Play - 1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy - Bern,…

BJSM "Swiss" issue 2015

5th BJSM cover of the Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), this year…

BJSM March 2015

Great sports PT promotion with friends Karim Khan (BJSM) and Phil Glasgow…