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BJSM special F-MARC

BJSM special issue for the 20 years of F-MARC!

football f-marc at Home of FIFA

Football for Health

05.06.2013 Zürich, Home of FIFA, sunny afternoon. Photo shooting with a special…


A Special Football Medical Conference

23-24.05.2012 - Budapest, Hungary. The 2nd FIFA Medical Conference was held for…

Poster screen, Ghent

Erik W @ Ghent

16.05.2012 - Ghent. This Conference gives me the chance to meet again my friend…

Medical Congress CAF

CAF medical congress 2012

11-14.03.12. Casablanca, Morocco. The Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF)…

Website 11+ new


Step by step we're completing the official 11+ website, now in five languages…

Calender with 11+ pic


F-MARC contribution for the official fifa calendar 2012: the picture was taken…

Cover ICRS Journal

CARTILAGE & football

15/12/2011. Interested in articular cartilage lesions in football players?…

Conference London 11

UKsem Conference 2011

F-MARC was present with a special symposium at the 2nd UKsem Conference in…