Bern #sportfisio2019

GR8 conference, GR8 speakers, GR8 committee, GR8er friends!

SSPA Bern 2019

Flyer for our 2019 sports PT symposium in Bern 

PostFinance Arena

Home of  SC Bern _ attendance 17031 _ game 5 of the finals (Bern wins series…

SSEM issue 4.18

Special issue "Swiss Sports & Exercise Medicine" dedicated to our Bern…

Roman J !

PostFinance Arena_Bern: GR8 to meet Roman Josi, captain of the Nashville…


Special artwork by my friends von Grebel Motion AG - Cony and Tara von Grebel…


Bern _ GR8 to meet again longtime friend Roland Biedert in his SportsClinic#1


BernExpo, Bern ... what a day! => #sportfisio17 ; instagram


For the 1st time ever in Switzerland!

Nr.15 !

15th edition of the annual Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Conference: check the…