My pic 2017

End of Dec_ somewhere in the "4 Vallées" region, near Mont Gelé (Verbier)...

Blenio III

Motto - Dongio - ☀️

Sportfisi@ 1-17

=> the 3rd issue of SPORTFISI@, the free online magazine of the Swiss Sports…

Blenio II

Prugiasco _ Negrentino _ ☀️

Blenio I

Valle di Blenio, Ticino, Switzerland _ ☀️

2017 - go

starting into 2017 with some major changes... (pic by LB)

MY PIC 2016

Kourion, Cyprus ... Greco-Roman theatre (first built late second century BC),…


Capital of Sweden... the "Venice of the North"


Las Vegas ...


From sports PTs for sports! => have a read here!