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Visiting THE museum with my old friend Mitsu, from Tokyo College of Medical Sports !

Stadium F-MARC banners

FCWC Japan 2012

06.12.2012, Tokyo, Japan -Yokohama Stadium. First match of this year’s FCWC in Japan. F-MARC is again proud to have its programmes (11 for health, and 11+) showcased among the official stadium banners of this tournament.

National Training Center Tokyo

JISS & National Training Center Tokyo

12/12/11 – Thanks to JFA, we can visit the impressive and modern facilities of the Japanese Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) and the AJINOMOTO Olympic National Training Center in Tokyo.

Simply an incredible structure, where athletes (not only Japaneses) of various sport find all what they need to be able to compete at the highest possible level


Stadium OL 1964

Tokyo National Stadium

8/12/11 – Training session at the Tokyo National Stadium, home of the 1964 Olympic Summer Games. Usually no training is allowed on the football pitch, because it’s reserved only for official matches (as the final of the Emperor’s Cup,  always played on January 1st). It’s a big honor for us to walk into this historical stadium.


Tokyo cars and g

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

7/12/11 – Free day, we visit the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, featuring some futuristic cars and other …

Lecture MB Toyko 11

Lecture at TSM college Tokyo

30/12/11 – My friends Mitsunori Tsumaki and Keigo Kagajima invited me to their college – Tokyo College of Medical Sports- for two lectures on hip joint pathologies and hip rehabilitation in sports.

Group at Mitsu College

Lecture at the Tokyo College of Medical Sports, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo College od Medical Sports, where my very good friend Mitsunori „Mitsu“ Tsumaki works, invited me to held presentations on the various F-MARC activities, including 11+ and 11 FOR HEALTH (Tokyo, 12/11/11).