cover 2017

Nr.15 !

15th edition of the annual Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Conference: check the official link!


Sportfisi@ 1-17

=> the 3rd issue of SPORTFISI@, the free online magazine of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association



From sports PTs for sports PTs…free! => have a read here! 


1st World Congress Sports PT

Bern, Switzerland – Return to Play congress… 800 participants, from 45 countries…23 top speakers, high quality, lots of friends

RTP 2015

RTP 2015 Bern

Return to Play – 1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy – Bern, Switzerland – Nov 20/21, 2015

BJSM Journal Cover

BJSM “Swiss” issue 2015

5th BJSM cover of the Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), this year featuring ACPSEM and IFSPT


BJSM March 2015

Great sports PT promotion with friends Karim Khan (BJSM) and Phil Glasgow (ACPSM)

Bild RTP2015

RTP 2015

Jan 2015_ working hard for RTP2015


Sportfisio 2014

21.11.2014_ Bern (BernExpo) Switzerland. 12th edition of the Annual Conference of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), with renowned guest speakers: S.Sahrmann, P.McNair, N.Maffiuletti, and other!