Sept 26 -II- Selecao

Stefan and Sascha travel with Joao (our friend at CBF) and the Brasil national team to Belem, where two days later the match “EL Clasico”  against Argentina is planned . Our guys can film and interview (for the 11 For Health, the other F-MARC project) young shooting star Neymar and the “old” star Ronaldinho, the two most popular players in Brasil.

R10 at training

Sept 23 – Flamengo 1. Team

In the afternoon the first team of FLAMENGO has a light training, because on the next day an official match of the brasilian championsship is scheduled. We can film players in the gym, in the medical room (with our friend Dr. José Runco), at the physio, on the pitch, and do interviews with star player Thiago Neves and renowned coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo. Ronaldinho shows up briefly and disappears in the massage room.