Roger Federer

RF wins_by Roli

Centre court: home of…

 RF , the greatest _ (photo courtesy of my friend Roli)


RF next record

11.01.2015_ Brisbane, Australia… Nr.1000 !


Swiss Davis Cup

23.11.2014 _ Lille, France. The Davis Cup (the World Cup of Tennis) 2014 goes to Switzerland! … historical win thank to our aces RF, STAN, and many friends – incl. our fabulous medical team (RB & DT)

RF 1000

1000 for RF

12.10.2014 _ Shanghai, China. Roger Federer wins the Shanghai Masters… total matches won/career = 1000 -!-

Federer wins

RF forever

08.07.2012, Wimbledon, London… looks like another version of the 2012 sportfisio poster, but it’s RF winning his record 7.title!

Poster SSPA 10th Symposium

Sportfisio Poster 2012

03.07.2012 – New poster of the 10th Symposium of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA) unveileid! Check out the symposium site: