JFA 11+ instructors

11+ in Osaka

22.12.2013 _ Osaka, Japan. Another 11+ course together with our friends of the Japanese Football Association (JFA), at one of the their academies.

11+ course Tokyo

11+ @ JISS, Tokyo

17.12.2012. Japanese Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS), Tokyo, Japan. This is already our 3rd joint course with the Japanese Football Association (JFA) for promoting and implementing the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme. A special thank to. Prof. T.Fukubayashi, M.Tsumaki and the assistants and friends Michiko, Hitomi, Mariko, Keigo, Hiroshi and Naoki.

Workshop in Casablanca

11+ in Morocco

13.03.2012. At the WAC Casablanca stadium we organized an official 11+ workshop for the CAF congress participants.

My assistants were our friends Michiko Dohi (from Japan and JFA) and a Salah Lahlou, conditioning coach of the Morocco Youth National team.

Promo 11+ with Homare Sawa

Homare Sawa

09-01-2012, Zürich.  Homare Sawa (Japan, captain of the Japan National Team, Winner ot the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011) is the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year 2011.

F-MARC thanks Homare Sawa for her kind support in promoting 11+ worldwide!

Promo pic Sawa 11+

Meeting Sawa in Tokyo

30/11/11 – We meet Homare Sawa, jersey nr 10 and captain of NADESHIKO, and had a shooting/interview with her for 11+ promotion.

Sawa led the Japanese national team as captain to a World Championship victory and received the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards as the top scorer (5 goals during the 2011 World Cup) and MVP in the tournament. After a 2-2 tie in front of a sellout crowd in Frankfurt, Germany, (with 1 goal by Sawa in the 117th minute), Japan won the penalty shootout 3-1, defeating the United States to win their first ever World Cup.

His team INAC Kobe Leoness played a friendly game against FC Arsenal in the same evening (final result 1:1).

Exercising 11+

11+ course in Nagoya

28/11/11 – More than 80 participants were present at the 2nd official 11+ educational course and workshop, organized by JFA and F-MARC.

Our friend Prof. Dr. Toru Fukubayashi, head of JFA medical opened the course, superbly organized by Mr. Susumu Hiratsuka, JFA.


Kohzo Tashima promo 11+

Meeting Mr. Kohzo Tashima

27/11/11 – Interview and photo-shooting with our friend Mr. Kohzo Tashima, Vice-president and General Secretary of JFA, who also expressed the importance of football for the japanese people in this very difficult year.


Nadeshiko players shooting

11+ Filming with NADESHIKO

26/11/11 – Today we had a filming/photoshooting with 11 players of the Japan Football Women National team for 11+ promotion.

Nadeshiko (“pink flowers”) won the FIFA Women’s  World Cup 2011 last June in Germany, beating the USA girls in an unforgettable final match.

F-MARC is proud of this cooperation with JFA, who provided an incredible support for this project.

My friend Cony von Grebel is as usual responsible for the multimedia coverage of these japanese 11+ days.


F-MARC again in Japan

From November 25th until the 30th, 2011 we’ll be in Japan, for 11+ related projects with JFA.

We’ll have filming/interviews with players of the Women’s National team (World Cup Winners 2011), and together with JFA we’ll conduct the 2nd official 11+ course in Japan.

JFA wins

FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011

Japan are FIFA Women’s World Cup™ champions for the first time after a penalty shootout victory over USA, following a drama-charged 2-2 draw in Frankfurt (17.07.2011).

The final match was officiated by Ms Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany).

The Medical support for the referee selection was provided by F-MARC.