DIE Nationalmannschaft

Special meeting with Thomas Müller and the German National Team in Frankfurt, Germany. “Die Nationalmannschaft” and its players are official ambassadors of the worldwide renowned FIFA 11+ injury prevention program.

final ball WM brasile

DFB 4 stars !

13.07.2014 _ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Maracana stadium. Germany wins its 4th World Cup title !  1:0 vs Argentina after 120 minutes; winning goal by Mario Götze

Klose_WM record

Miro K for 16

08.7.2014 _ Belo Horizonte, Estadio Mineirao_ Miroslav “Miro”  Klose (Nr. 11) becomes the all-time leading scorer at World Cup Tournaments with 16 goals (one more than Ronaldo-R9)  ! …and Germany beats Brazil 7:1 in the semifinal…

with Eiles & Bremer

DFB friends

20 and 24.10.12 – Meschede, Germany. DFB coaching days with my friends  Matthias Eiles (DFB) and former Bundesliga striker Martin Bremer (Darmstad).

Coaching course

DFB coaches

20 and 24.10.12 – Meschede, Germany. Two days with DFB coaching instructors and our 11+ programme: great experience! More on training-wissen.dfb.de


DFB headquarters

DFB visit

19.10.12 – Frankfurt, Germany . Thanks to our friend Matthias Eiles, we visit the headquarters of the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB), the largest Football Association worldwide with its nearly 7 millions football players (6.749,788 members, to be exact).

Torwand at DFB congress 2012


24.02.2012, Kassel, Germany.  During the Amateur DFB congress, I got the chance to try out the renowned “Torwandschiessen”, which became popular through classical the “das aktuelle Sportstudio” of ZDF (german sportcast).

Official picture DFB and 11+

DFB and 11+

23..02.2012, Kassel, Germany. Official launch of 11+ with the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) at the Amateur Fussballkongress. DFB will promote the 11+ injury prevention programme within its coaching education and its amateur football (more than 6.7 million players involved!). Germany is the 5th country, after Spain, Japan, Italy and Brasil, to officially endorse 11+: F-MARC is proud of these cooperations, which illustrate the worldwide impact of 11+.