Cony von Grebel



Big day for my friend Cony v G ! … multimedia master for Swiss Sports PT and more



Kudos to my friend Cony and Dreicast for fantastic coverage of the 1st World Congress of Sports PT (Nov 2015)… all lectures on Dreicast youtube channel !!!

Cony and Italian referees


04.10.2013, Coverciano, near Firenze, Italy. Home of the FIGC Settore Tecnico and AIA. With our amico Carlo we present the adapted 11+ programme for referees and assistant referees. Multimedia coverage by friend Cony, VGM.

Studio shooting VGM Zürich

VGM special shooting

28.02.2013, Zürich. Special shooting with my friend Cony for another common project. Visit vongrebel-motion (VGM) for more.

Cony von Grebel


June 2012. VGM or von Grebel Motion AG or simply my friend Cony, who is currently -among many other projects- producing a movie on 10 years of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA). Visit his website and social networks to discover some of his exciting work.

Website 11+ new

Step by step we’re completing the official 11+ website, now in five languages (english, german, french, spanisch, and portuguese). Soon we’ll have the italian version as well.

A big thanks to my friend Cony, for making all this possible!

Nadeshiko players shooting

11+ Filming with NADESHIKO

26/11/11 – Today we had a filming/photoshooting with 11 players of the Japan Football Women National team for 11+ promotion.

Nadeshiko (“pink flowers”) won the FIFA Women’s  World Cup 2011 last June in Germany, beating the USA girls in an unforgettable final match.

F-MARC is proud of this cooperation with JFA, who provided an incredible support for this project.

My friend Cony von Grebel is as usual responsible for the multimedia coverage of these japanese 11+ days.

Group picture speakers 9th Swiss Sports PT conference

The 9th SSPA Conference

More than 350 sports PTs participated at the 9th annual conference of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), which took place in Bern (Bern Expo) on November 18, 2011.

Among the speakers, some world-renowned researchers as: Paul Hodges (Australia), Tim Hewett (USA), Erik Witvrouw (Belgium) and Kristian Thorborg (Denmark)!

The multimedia support of the conference was provided -as usual- by VON GREBEL MOTION with our friend Cony von Grebel.