Carlo Castagna


Friends in Bologna

Meeting friends at a ISOKINETIK event in Bologna: Stefano Della Villa, Nicola Rizzoli (remembering 2014 World Cup final-!), Carlo Castagna and Claudio Carlotti

Cony and Italian referees


04.10.2013, Coverciano, near Firenze, Italy. Home of the FIGC Settore Tecnico and AIA. With our amico Carlo we present the adapted 11+ programme for referees and assistant referees. Multimedia coverage by friend Cony, VGM.

Castagna in Sportilia 2013

Carlo @ Sportilia

31.07.2013, Sportilia, Italy. Today we visit our friend Carlo Castagna, sports scientist and researcher (football), during his work with the Italian elite referees at the pre-season camp in Sportilia.

Posters 11+ and FIGC

Italia & 11+

05.03.2012, Coverciano/Firenze, Italia. Headquarters of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), Settore Tecnico. Official launch of the 11+ program for the coaching and physical trainer’s educational programs. Our friend Carlo Castagna has been instrumental in realizing this important cooperation. 

Website 11+ new

Step by step we’re completing the official 11+ website, now in five languages (english, german, french, spanisch, and portuguese). Soon we’ll have the italian version as well.

A big thanks to my friend Cony, for making all this possible!

Castagna 2011

Visit to Coverciano, Italian Serie A Referees Trainingcamp, Firenze, Italia

A two days meeting (1-2/4/11) with my friend Carlo Castagna in Coverciano, home of the Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio (FIGC), where he regularly oversees the training of the top Italian referees and assistant referees. We’re finalizing a specific injury prevention program adapted to the needs of the match officials.