cover 2017

Nr.15 !

15th edition of the annual Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Conference: check the official link!

mb sfv 2017

SFV 30th Medical Day

Muri, Bern _ Medical Day of the Swiss Football Association, many friends…


Sportfisio 2016

Nr. 14 … again another great conference at BernExpo, Bern!

Relive: #sportfisio2016 ; @SportfisioSwiss; @DrSportSante ; storify by B. Keefe (!)


1st World Congress Sports PT

Bern, Switzerland – Return to Play congress… 800 participants, from 45 countries…23 top speakers, high quality, lots of friends

RTP 2015

RTP 2015 Bern

Return to Play – 1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy – Bern, Switzerland – Nov 20/21, 2015


RTPs 2015 & 16

RTPs conferences (SPORTFISIO 2015 and ISOKINETIK 2016) promotion with my friend Stefano, during a ICRS meeting in Zürich


Sportfisio 2014

21.11.2014_ Bern (BernExpo) Switzerland. 12th edition of the Annual Conference of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), with renowned guest speakers: S.Sahrmann, P.McNair, N.Maffiuletti, and other!