di Stefano_legend

Tribute to Di Stefano

07.07.2014 _ Alfredo Di Stefano, Real Madrid legend and one of the greatest football players ever…

Perez-Bizzini-de Renzis

11+ @ AFA

19.11.2013, Ezeiza, AFA national training centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Another 11+ injury prevention in football course, in cooperation with AFA (Asociacion del Futbol Argentino), with our friends Alejo Perez and Gustavo de Renzis.

11+ course at AFA Ezeiza

11+ course at AFA national training center

23.03.2012 – Today we’ve the first official FIFA 11+ course at “EZEIZA”, place of the national training center of AFA, a superb complex close to the Buenos Aires airport. My friend Alejo Perez Leguizamon and Gustavo de Renzis (both argentinians) are my assistants.

AFA house in Buenos Aires

Visit to AFA

22.03.2012 – Today we visit the headquarters of AFA (Asociacion del Futbol Argentino), in Viamonte street, Buenos Aires. AFA, which was founded in 1893, is one the the oldest Football Associations of the world. Argentina is a 2x FIFA World Cup winner with unfogettable stars as  MARIO KEMPES, DANIEL PASSARELLA (1978) and obviously the great DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA (1986).

Buenos Aires streets

Buenos Aires

21.03.2012-Arrival in Buenos Aires, Part I of a 11+ trip in South America. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and the second largest metropolitan area (after Greater Sao Paulo) in South America.