Monthly Archives: November 2014



29.10.2014 _ Regensburg, Germany. Conference on football medicine, injury prevention, including a round table with representatives of the German National Team (incl. assistant coach Thomas Schneider, Physiotherapist Wolfang Bunz)


Swiss Davis Cup

23.11.2014 _ Lille, France. The Davis Cup (the World Cup of Tennis) 2014 goes to Switzerland! … historical win thank to our aces RF, STAN, and many friends – incl. our fabulous medical team (RB & DT)


Sportfisio 2014

21.11.2014_ Bern (BernExpo) Switzerland. 12th edition of the Annual Conference of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA), with renowned guest speakers: S.Sahrmann, P.McNair, N.Maffiuletti, and other!


1. World Groin Conference

1-3.11.2014 _ Doha, Qatar. 1. World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes, at ASPETAR, organized by Dr. Hölmich, Dr. A.Weir, and Dr. K.Thorborg. Check the tweets if this great event at  on #groin2014 !