Monthly Archives: November 2013

FAS 11+ course

11+ @ FAS

29.11.2013 _ Singapore, ITE College East. Today we’ve a 11+ course in cooperation with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), founded in 1892.

Waterfront Singapore


28.11.2013 _ Singapore. Travel to Singapore officially the Republic of Singapore, in Southeast Asia.

Perez-Bizzini-de Renzis

11+ @ AFA

19.11.2013, Ezeiza, AFA national training centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Another 11+ injury prevention in football course, in cooperation with AFA (Asociacion del Futbol Argentino), with our friends Alejo Perez and Gustavo de Renzis.

Puerto Madero BA

Buenos Aires

18.11.2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Relaxing day at Puerto Madero, on the Rio de la Plata, with its Puente de la Mujer (Women’s Bridge), by world’s famous Spanish architect S.Calatrava.

Tweets about 11+ course at SONAFE congress

11+ @ SONAFE

13-17.11.2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Great sports PTs participation at our 11+ course & workshop at SONAFE conference.

Opening of Brazil Sports PT congress 2013

SONAFE conference

14.11.2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Opening of the SONAFE sports PT conference at the Reboucas Convention Center. More than 600 attendees from all over Brazil…We’re invited by our friends Marcelo Bannwart and Felipe Tadiello…our friend Evert Verhagen among the speakers.

Instituto cohen Sao Paulo

13.11.2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Visit to the renowned Instituto Cohen, specialized in orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation of athletes. Our friends Dr. Moisés Cohen and Mauricio Garcia show us their impressive facilities…

Sao Paulo Horse Racing Club

Sao Paulo

12.11.2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil. We meet friends Dr. Moises Cohen, Mauricio Garcia and Dr. Pedrinelli at the historical Sao Paulo Jockey clube.

E.Müller opens Austria Sport PT conference

Salzburg Sports PT conference

08.11.2013, Salzburg, Austria. Sports PT Conference “Core Stability” with an impressive international speaker’s lineup, about 300 participants and many friends! Thanks Karl Lochner and Geri Mitterbauer (and their teams) for great sports PT promotion!

Catalan arts art RFEF

@ RFEF Madrid

05.11.2013, Madrid, Las Rozas, Ciudad del futbol. Today we visit the headquarters of RFEF (Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol). At the entrance of the building an art piece, gift of the  Federaciò Catalana de Futbol