Monthly Archives: September 2013

Banner ar RIF center


26-27.09.2013 , Salzburg, Austria. Teaching to sports PT students at the “Universitäts- und Landessportzentrum Salzburg/Rif” and spending some time with my fiend Geri Mitterbauer in Salzburg…

St.George's Park

11+ @ St. George’s Park

18.09.2013  St. George’s Park, the new National Football Centre of The FA (The Football Association, England), the oldest football association in the world (founded: 26 October 1863). With friends Steve Kemp, Gary Lewin, and Dr. Ian Beasley , a “FIFA 11+ Day” was held in this spectacular venue.


11+ @ Liechtenstein

13.09.2013, Schaan, Liechtenstein. 11+ course at the LFV, one of the smallest national football associations worldwide.

Symposium IFSPT

IFSPT @ Cape Town

02.09.2013, Cape Town, South Africa. General meeting (with delegates of 17 countries!) and Symposium of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT), the reference organization for sports PT worldwide.

Cape of Good Hope

South Africa

01.09.2013, Cape Town, South Africa. We’re in Cape Town for IFSPT meetings of. With my friend Karl Lochner (Salzburg, Austria) we find some time to visit Cape point and the Cape of Good Hope, located in a magnificent scenery!

Surfing the web, one can find this:”Although these two rocky and beautiful capes are very well known, neither cape is actually the southernmost point in Africa; that is Cape Agulhas, approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi) to the east-southeast”…