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Dr.Runco Team

Friends @ Selecao

22.03.2013 – Genève, Switzerland. The day after the friendly match vs Italy (2:2), we meet in a hotel in Geneva our friends of the medical team – Selecao Brasileira: Dr.Runco, Luiz Rosan and Denì.

FC Bruges sticker

Club Brugge KV

15.03.2013 Belgium. We travel around Knokke with the bus of FC Bruges. On this day, Dr. Michel D’Hooghe celebrated 25 years as Chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee. He is also the honorary president of the Royal Belgian Football Association (KBVB), and former president of  Club Brugge KV or FC Bruges (founded in 1891 and one of the top clubs in Belgium).

Meeting Stuttgart Thieme March 2013

Sports PT & THIEME

12.03.2013, Stuttgart-Germany. Meeting at THIEME, the renowned international medical Publisher, for the planning of a new Sports PT journal for the German speaking countries (launch: probably November 2013). Old and new friends at the table: Fritz, Georg, Martin, Hans-Joseph and Geri.

Cover Br J Sports Med 4.13

Latest on Concussion in Sports

12.03.2013 – Br J Sports Med Table of Contents for 4th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport (Zurich 2012): 1 April 2013; Vol. 47, No. 5  / bjsm website 

Studio shooting VGM Zürich

VGM special shooting

28.02.2013, Zürich. Special shooting with my friend Cony for another common project. Visit vongrebel-motion (VGM) for more.