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With Dr.Runco

My friend Runco

29.02.2012, St.Gallen (Switzerland). After playing a friendly match on the 28th, the players and staff of the Selecao Brasileira were still few hours in Switzerland during the last day of February. So, I was able to meet our friend Dr. José Runco, since many years head of medical team of the Selecao and Flamengo. José is a great support for all activities of CBF with F-MARC.

Cover March Issue BJSM

BJSM March issue 2012

27.02.2012 – The British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) has dedicated the cover and the warm up of the March 2012 issue to the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association. We thank our friend Karim Khan, editor of BJSM to make this partnership possible and to promote sports physiotherapy not only in Switzerland, but internationally through his prestigious  journal!

Torwand at DFB congress 2012


24.02.2012, Kassel, Germany.  During the Amateur DFB congress, I got the chance to try out the renowned “Torwandschiessen”, which became popular through classical the “das aktuelle Sportstudio” of ZDF (german sportcast).

Official picture DFB and 11+

DFB and 11+

23..02.2012, Kassel, Germany. Official launch of 11+ with the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) at the Amateur Fussballkongress. DFB will promote the 11+ injury prevention programme within its coaching education and its amateur football (more than 6.7 million players involved!). Germany is the 5th country, after Spain, Japan, Italy and Brasil, to officially endorse 11+: F-MARC is proud of these cooperations, which illustrate the worldwide impact of 11+.

RFEF headquarters

RFEF – Las Rozas

16.02.2012 – Visit to the headquarters of the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol (RFEF) at Las Rozas-Madrid, to discuss our joint 11+ courses in Spain.

The “Ciudad del Futbol” is a modern and impressive infrastructure, and -besides football pitches, training facilities, hotel, offices- even hosts one of the most exciting football museums in the world (Museo de la Seleccion Espanola de Futbol; open for visits too!).

Players during Superbowl 2012


February 5, 2012 , Indianapolis. The GIANTS win SUPER BOWL XLVI. beating the PATRIOTS by 21:17.

Note that there’s a similarity with soccer … American football is played between two teams of eleven players with the objective of scoring points by advancing the ball into the opposing team’s end zone … but this is probably the only common detail …



Website 11+ new

Step by step we’re completing the official 11+ website, now in five languages (english, german, french, spanisch, and portuguese). Soon we’ll have the italian version as well.

A big thanks to my friend Cony, for making all this possible!