11+ Manual

Do you would like to learn more about 11+, the injury prevention programme for amateur football/soccer, developed and studied by F-MARC? In this new 11+ MANUAL you'll find: history, structure, key elements of the programme, why motivation and compliance are crucial in injury prevention, and tips how to teach the exercises.

F-MARC is promoting 11+ worldwide, within FIFA Member Associations (MAs) (as an example: Spain, Japan, Brazil, Italy, and other) and within FIFA Coaching Courses. The goal is to incorporate and implement 11+ in the coaching education at FIFA and MA's level.

Authors of this booklet are: Mario Bizzini, PhD, PT (F-MARC research associate), Astrid Junge PhD (Head of Research F-MARC), and Prof. Jiri Dvorak (Chairman of F-MARC).
Graphic design and layout was realised by our collaborator and friend Cony von Grebel, of Von Grebel Motion, Zürich, Switzerland.

Net 2010 WC

One year ago …

One year ago (July 11, 2010) the final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was played at Soccer stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Spain won against The Netherlands in overtime (1:0) by a goal of Andres Iniesta of FC Barcelona.

The match was officiated the Howard Webb, a referee from the England FA.


Nicki, Henning, Mario

ACPSM conference „Physios in Sport“, Cardiff, Wales, UK

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine (ACPSM) organized the first Bi-Annual Conference Physios in Sports-Promoting Excellence at the University of Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, UK on 1st and 2nd July, 2011. The event was coordinated by Dr. N.Phillips (Cardiff), the new IFSPT president, and Dr. P.Glasgow (Belfast). Some high profile sports PTs and researchers were among the invited speakers: my friend  Henning (Henning Langberg, Denmark), Ms Anna Frohm (Stockholm, Sweden), Glenn Hunter (England), Stephen Mutch (Edinburgh, Scotland), Andrea Fusco (Genova, Italia). I was honored to contribute to the program with 2 lectures on „Injury prevention in football“.

One very interesting keynote lecture was on „Fascia/Myofascia“ by Mr. James Earl (Kinesis UK), who presented some unique dissection video clips by Tom Myers, the founder of ANATOMY TRAINS.


New Board

IFSPT @ Amsterdam 2011

The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT) held its executive board meetings and the genral meeting parallel to the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress in Amsterdam (June 20-23, 2011).

One of the highlights of the IFSPT General Meeting was the approval of a new Executive Board:

President: Nicola Phillips, UK

Secretary: Maria Constantinou, Australia

Treasurer: Gordon Eiland, USA

Member at Large: Bente Andersen, Denmark

Member at Large: Mario Bizzini, Switzerland

Member at Large: Tony Schneiders, New Zealand

Member at Large: Craig Smith, South Africa

For more details => IFSPT website.

Med Exams REfs

PCMA FIFA Women’s Referees 2011

F-MARC organized and performed a Pre-Competion Medical Assessment (PCMA) of all selected women's referees and assistant referees prior to the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011.

The medical examinations took place at the Referee's Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany (June 17-19 ).

The Medical Team was composed by: Mario Bizzini, F-MARC (Head Medical Team), Dr. Dagmar Keller (cardiologist, University Hospital Zürich) and Nina Feddermann (University Hospital Zürich). Monika Keller (FIFA Medical Office)

Sportphysiotherapie 2011

Sports Physiotherapy Book

A new Sports Physical Therapy book (in German) edited by THIEME VERLAG in May 2011 !

My contribution: a case report ... and the picture on the front cover - with a big THANKS to my friend VICTOR STANCESCU, captain of the KLOTEN FLYERS!

Here a presentation taken from the thieme website:

Sportphysiotherapie verstehen und anwenden!

Vom Breitensportler bis zum Profi:

Alle Physiotherapeuten, die Sportler behandeln, benötigen ein umfassendes Wissen über sportphysiotherapeutische Maßnahmen. Erstmalig wird dieses Wissen in einem Fachbuch von zahlreichen Autoren umfangreich zusammengetragen.

Das Buch besteht aus 2 Teilen:
1 Theoretischer Teil mit allen für den Sportphysiotherapeuten wichtigen Inhalten, z. B. Doping, Sportpsychologie, aber auch Schnelldiagnostik auf dem Spielfeld und sportphysiotherapeutische Maßnahmen.

2 Praxis-Teil, in dem sich Experten "über die Schulter blicken lassen" und einen Fall in einer spezifischen Sportart beschreiben, z. B. im Fußball, Handball, Eishockey, Basketball, Kunstturnen, in der Leichtathletik, im Ski Alpin und mehr.


Visit @ CBF, Rio de Janeiro

On the 17th May we visited the headquarters of the "Confederacao Brasileira de Futbol", CBF, home of the 5 times World Cup winners.

Our friend Joao Gomide, CBF, introduced us to the history of the Selecao.

Wilk-Bizzini-Rio 2011

Sports Rehab Course @ ISAKOS 2011

The 8th International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) congress was held in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil May 15-19 2011.Read more


11+ workshop @ FLAMENGO, Rio de Janerio

On Friday 13th May 2011 F-MARC and myself were invited by "Clube de Regatas do Flamengo", better know as FLAMENGO, to held a workshop on the 11+ injury prevention programme for all physical trainers, coaches and physical therapist of all  different teams of the FLAMENGO organization.

Dr. Runco and Dr. Tannure (medical doctors of the club and of the Brazilian National team) organized this unforgettable event with one of  the most famous football club worldwide.


FLYERS invited to the prestigious SPENGLER CUP 2011 (85th edition!), an international ice hockey tournament played between Christmas and New Year in Davos, Switzerland! (Media release 10/5/11)


11+ workshop FC Barcelona Organization

We were invited (6/5/11) by Dr. L.Til / Dr. Yanguas / A.Altarriba (heads of the medical team) of FC Barcelona to conduct a couple of 11+ workshops for coaches and physiotherapists of all FC Barcelona football teams (males /females). Location was at the training fields of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper (named after the Swiss founder and first president of FCB) in Barcelona.



11+ workshop, Buzios, Brazil

About 30 sports physiotherapists (from some of the famous brazilian clubs) participated in the first 11+ workshop in Brazil, organized by CBF under the lead of Joao Gomide. The course (29/4/11) took place in Buzios, a touristic village about 2 hours out of Rio de Janeiro.